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casier judiciaire

Afin de pouvoir participer à Camp Canada tu dois avoir un casier judiciaire vierge. Tu dois faire une demande d’extrait de casier judiciaire et le présenter sur notre site. Tu devras obtenir l'extrait dans ton pays et le casier judiciaire d'un autre pays si tu y a vécu pendant plus de 6 mois depuis l'âge de 18 ans. Trouve l'information sur ton pays sur ce lien : Immigration and Citizenship of Canada website

information importante sur l'extrait de casier judiciaire

You must receive the exact criminal background check as listed below. No other types of criminal background check will be accepted. Police checks must be dated within the current placement year or within 2 months of your application date. If you an unsure if your current certificate will be accepted, or if it’s the right one, please email Simone: simone@campcanada.ca and she’ll be able to help.

Some criminal background checks require the following information:

Organization requesting the certificate: Camp Canada by Nyquest 3 Hill Place, Toronto, ON, M6C 3E4, Canada Email: info@campcanada.ca

Confirmation of program enrolment/registration:

If confirmation of program enrollment/registration is required, you should upload your signed program agreement and your acceptance email.

United Kingdom

Please note: A DBS check will not be accepted.

The UK ICPC requires information about the “Organization Requesting the Certificate”.

Make sure you put the following (not your camp information): Camp Canada by Nyquest 3 Hill Place, Toronto, ON, M6C 3E4, Canada Email: info@campcanada.ca

If confirmation of program enrolment/registration is required, you should upload the email that was sent to you to confirm your acceptance into the program (the subject is: Congratulations, First Name!)

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You will need a federal police check code 28:


Please note that this is a different police check than the one you need for your Working Holiday Visa.

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New Zealand

You will need a Ministry of Justice Police Certificate:


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