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Wellbeing for Directors

We get it.

We know that with our camps having staff coming in from all over the world, there are numerous considerations when it comes to their wellbeing and how you can set them up for success. We also understand that Directors are incredibly busy people, so the wellbeing team here at Camp Canada, in partnership with UK-based company ‘The MindMap’, are here to help!

The international participants coming through our program will face unique challenges whilst working at summer camp. From homesickness and anxiety through to fitting in with a brand-new culture they’ve never experienced, there will be things to navigate and problems to solve during the summer when it comes to the overall wellbeing of your staff.

Camp Canada’s dedicated wellbeing team will be bringing you a whole host of video content, online resources and practical hands-on, on-the-ground support that you can use throughout the year and summer to help both you and your staff have the most amazing summer camp experience.

What our directors can expect:

📹 Practical content delivered by our wellbeing team and The MindMap

🗞️ Newsletters with what’s coming up

📚 Training & resources to help assist with wellbeing at camp

📱 Contact information to chat to one of our wellbeing team members to discuss anything related to wellbeing and questions you may have

Check out the MindMap
International Staff Tracker

Our Staff Tracker is a role we are encouraging our camps who hire a significant number of international participants to adopt and you can read more about it here and what it entails.

Whoever holds this role at your camp will have the responsibility to be a significant point of contact for all of your international staff, monitoring how they are feeling and being the liaison between them and the Director team. However, it is a flexible position and so it can definitely be tailored to fit the wellbeing needs and vision of your own camp!

We will provide your chosen Staff Tracker with advice, tips and training as we get closer to the summer and guide them through the role as much as possible. If you’d like to discuss this role more, please reach out to Ben (ben@campcanada.ca) who is an Account Manager and a member of the wellbeing team.

Meet the Wellbeing Team


If you have any questions about Wellbeing and your international staff, please contact Ben from the Wellbeing Team ben@campcanada.ca.