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a place for every child.

campers with special needs

Our summer camps which care for campers with special needs are some of the best places on Earth. They’re specifically designed so that children of all learning, developmental and or physical disabilities can have an amazing time. There are no limits or limitations for these campers, because there is a place for every child at summer camp.

it’s like any traditional camp.

Disability summer camps in Canada are setup to provide the same fun summer experience as traditional camps. The facilities will have been adapted to ensure the campers are safe and secure but also to allow campers to have access to activities they wouldn’t normally be able to, like the ropes course and giant swings, which are always fun.

You’ll also find a lot of support and love here, with an almost equal ratio between campers and staff, to allow for constant care and attention.

the training

This is not your everyday job role. It’s tough, there’s no doubt about that. When you arrive to camp you’ll take part in “pre-camp”, as staff you’ll spend a great deal of time preparing for the children to arrive by partaking in fun and insightful training activities. You can have talks from professionals who explain and demonstrate helpful information on providing the best care for your campers. It’s a great opportunity to bond with other staff and create some positive relationships, which is so essential for support when the campers arrive.

It’s also one of the most rewarding things you can ever do.

Let’s make it happen.

This mantra is huge at summer camp. These summer camps are all about making fun accessible. You’ll go above and beyond to make sure these campers have the experience of a lifetime. The camps are split typically between physical and mental/developmental, delayed learning disabilities. You may also find adults at these camps too. It’s all about giving the best summer possible.

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